Klimt – The Movie

The movie Klimt (2006) by director Raúl Ruiz portraits the life of the austrian painter Gustav Klimt at his time.

Klimt – The Storyline:

The painter Gustav Klimt is dying. His good friend and student draws the diseased Klimt, while he is telling about his life, turning around his pictures and his scandals.

The anecdote doesn’t take place as a correct biography, but much more as visions and dreams told by Klimt, which shall describe Klimt as libertine. The film also reflects vienna as capital of culture and art as well as the life of the artist, which often was enclosed by scandals and affairs. His “open relationship” to Emillie Flöge is another important issue as well as the numerous affairs and the excessive life of the painter.

Furthermore the film broach the issue on the friendship to his painting student Egon Schiele and his relationship to the “Vienna Seccession”. Gustav Klimt was co-founder of the “Vienna Secession”, which was a Union of artists of the fine arts in vienna. In the following time, Gustav Klimt had several conflicts with this union over and over and so, in 1905 together with some other artists, he left the “Vienna Secession”.

The movie describes very well the various conflicts and scandals, which were caused by the excessive life and “dolce vita” of the artist Gustav Klimt. Director Raúl Ruiz brings in his movie “Klimt” impressive pictures one the screen, which appear sometimes with clichés. In the end the movie focusses more on the excessive lifestyle of the artist, than getting deeper into the art and time of Gustav Klimt.

Director: Raoul Ruiz
Writers: Raoul Ruiz, Gilbert Adair
Actors: John Malkovich, Veronica Ferres and Stephen Dillane